Motor City Radio Reunion
September, 2005

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Photos courtesy of Gary Berkowitz, Consultant
This is “Radio’s Best Friend” and one of the organizers of the 2005 Detroit Radio Reunion, Art Vuolo. Art has masterfully kept a history of Detroit radio since the 60’s!


Big Jim Edwards Rocks C-K-L-W! Here’s Jim Davis who today manages a four station cluster in Vero Beach, Fl.

Former W-4 PD and friend Barry Mardit.

“The Worlds Skinniest Newsman” is Bob Hardt. I grew up listening to Bob on WABC, so it was a pleasure to meet him in person. Joining us is former Metromedia exec and owner Bruce Holberg.

Here’s WYCD Morning News Anchor Bob Schuman and WRAL-FM PD Joe Wade Formicola. Bob continues to be one of the greatest news personalities on radio today!

Here’s Carol (Mrs. Bill) Burton, Maureen Hathaway, BJ Berkowitz and Mike Berman.

“There’s a new #1 this week” and of course it’s Casey Kasem! Casey began his career in Detroit and always returns for the reunions.

Here’s Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, Dick Kernen.

This is RAB VP Dick Rakovan (and former WJR sales manager) who was my GM at WPRO in the 70’s!

Nobody knows processing like Eddie B! This is Ed Buterbaugh who was my chief at WJR and was also CE in the hot days of the Big 8/C-K-L-W!

I grew up listening to Gary Stevens and the Wooleyburger on WMCA, New York! A former WKNR jock, here’s Gary today!

My former Asst PD at WJR is Jimmy Barrett, now doing mornings on 50k WRVA, Richmond.

WKBW was never the same after him! This is the legend. Joey Reynolds!

Here’s WNIC PM Driver and Detroit veteran Kevin O’Neill, BJ Berkowitz and Magic 105.1 mid day personality Mitzi Miles.

WVMV Morning person Kevin Sanderson and I worked together for many years at WHYT, WJR and Q95. Kevin can “do it all”!

This is Maureen Hathaway. Mo and I worked together at WHYT and WJR when I first arrived in Detroit in 1984.

Here’s WJBR, Wilmington, PD/Morning Personality Michael Waite. Mike was with us at WHYT & Q95 back in the 80’s. Mike and I first met in the 70’s when he was at WPJB and I was at PRO-FM, Providence.

Live from C-K-L-W! Here’s CFRB, Toronto GM Pat Holiday who was a CK legend and also worked with us at WHYT in the 80’s.

“The Voice” This is the incredible Randy Thomas! I am honored to have Randy be the voice of many of my stations.

This is Detroit radio legend/veteran Steve Schram. Steve and I have worked together for many years, many at WNIC.

When I left Q95 to open my consultancy in 1990, Steve Weed replaced me. Here’s Steve today (Entercom Sacramento PD) with my wife, BJ.
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